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Median Earnings Up 9% Since 2019, Narrowly Outpacing Inflation Over Same Period
The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked plenty of financial havoc, but there's a bit of light, too: Median wages for full-time, year-round workers in 2021 were 8.8%, or $4,186, higher than they were in 2019. By race and gender, Hispanic and Latino women saw the biggest wage growth by percentage, while ... Continue Reading
April 4, 2022
Best Financial Advisors in Atlanta: Fees and Services
For those looking for a financial advisor in the Peach State’s capital, this list of the top financial advisors in Atlanta can help narrow your search so you can find an advisor who is right for you. Of course, finding the right fit will also require taking the time to ... Continue Reading
March 24, 2022
Best Financial Advisors in Arizona: Fees and Services
Though Arizona may be best known for the Grand Canyon, the southwestern state also offers an abundance of financial advisors for residents to choose from. Of course, an abundance of options can make it feel overwhelming to decide on an advisor to work with. Ultimately, though, whether you're in Tucson, ... Continue Reading
February 22, 2022