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Coins, Toys and Trading Cards: 83% of Collectors Think Their Collection Will Pay Off
Collecting is a popular hobby. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of artwork and other forms of media have received heaps of publicity for lofty sale prices, but traditional collectibles like coins are still more common. Collectors accumulate their favorite items — from sneakers and baseball cards to art and jewelry — for ... Continue Reading
April 11, 2022
Despite Lofty Dreams, 46% of Americans Expect to Retire in Debt
They don’t call them the golden years for nothing — American consumers spend much of their lives working toward retirement, so many have probably thought about their ideal retirement and how to make it happen. MagnifyMoney researchers set out to identify what a dream retirement looks like for folks, but ... Continue Reading
November 8, 2021
Trade Volumes Jump 118%, on Average, After Public Companies Announce Ransomware Attacks
Businesses can face any number of threats, as the coronavirus pandemic has reminded us. Demand can fall or supply chains can falter, but those kinds of threats have always existed. The first reported ransomware attack happened in 1989, but the threat of these hacks has exploded in recent years, catching ... Continue Reading
October 26, 2021